Mohamed Baker

Locked away for defending freedom


Mohamed loves cats so much, he has five of them. He enjoys football, squash and motorbike riding, as well as his Nubian culture and music. But today, the human rights lawyer can only dream of what he loves. He’s in prison for defending some of the most marginalized people in Egypt.

In September 2019, Mohamed went to the prosecutor’s office to defend his friend and was himself arrested. Authorities never put him on trial. Instead, they made false, terrorism-related accusations against him and threw him in jail – all because they disagreed with his human rights work. Mohamed heads the Adalah Center for Rights and Freedoms, which supports human rights and people jailed unjustly.

In jail, the authorities have subjected Mohamed to one cruelty after another. They didn’t let him see his dying father. They’ve kept him in a cramped, foul cell. And they’ve deprived him of a bed or mattress, hot water, outdoor exercise and even family photos.

Still Mohamed is hopeful. “One day… we will continue our work [to establish] free societies,” he says. You can help bring that day forward by taking action now.

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