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Emil Ostrovko


Tell Belarus to free Emil

Emil Ostrovko was 17 when he was arrested and badly beaten by police officers. Now 19, he is serving an eight-year prison sentence for a minor drug offence, crushing his plans to go to university. He is one of thousands of children and young people serving long prison sentences in Belarus for petty drugs offences. They are forced to do hard labour for long hours and treated more harshly than other offenders. Tell Belarus to free Emil.

We request:

  • Take action now and demand that the government of Belarus:
  • • Free Emil
  • • Clear his criminal record
  • • End the practice of imprisoning children for minor, non-violent drug offences.

Write letters to:

Prosecutor General of the Republic of Belarus
Alexander Koniuk
Internatsionalnaya Str., 22
220030 Minsk

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