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Vitalina Koval


Violently attacked for supporting LGBTI rights.

Vitalina Koval has always wanted to make a positive difference. She uses her incredible energy to support local LGBTI people in her home city, Uzhgorod. But she and other activists have been violently attacked by far-right groups, just for speaking out against hate. Vitalina organized a peaceful demonstration to mark International Women’s Day and a group shouted insults and hurled red paint at the participants; Vitalina received chemical burns to her eyes. Her attackers were detained briefly but released. Send a message telling Ukraine’s Minister of the Interior to publicly recognize the vital role of Vitalina and other activists, and protect them from attacks by far-right groups.

We request:

  • -Vitalina is publicly recognised and supported for the vital work she is doing to peacefully defend the rights of women and LGBTI people in Ukraine.
  • -Vitalina can exercise her right to freedom of expression and assembly without fear of attacks and reprisals.
  • -Prompt, effective and impartial investigations into the attacks on Vitalina and other activists by far-right groups on 8 March 2018 in Uzhgorod.

Write letters to:

Dear Minister
Minister of Interior
Vul. Akademika Bohomoltsa, 10
Kyiv, 01601

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